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We make multi-family communities more efficient to build.


Working closely with our clients, we design, engineer and build multi-family products that offer more livable space per acre at the lowest possible per-square-foot cost. All while providing A+ institutional-grade quality.

As a design-build general contractor specializing in multi-family communities, we know that doing more for less is the only way to achieve consistent success in today’s market.

The sharp rise in single-family home prices is making multi-family renting a more affordable option, but barely, as even rents are continuing to rise faster than real-world wages.

The only proven path to success is to reduce rents while still providing progressive, amenity-rich apartment communities.

We can help you do both.

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Pacific West elevates the design-build process to staggering levels.

Ted Erkan
Senior Vice President
Lewis Communities

Helping developers thrive under the most demanding conditions.

Our business model doesn’t depend on ideal market conditions. We don’t rely on optimistic projections. Just the opposite. We’re built specifically to thrive in the most demanding times.

We’ve successfully navigated the up-and-down housing markets since 1991. We endured the Great Recession, intact. We’ve continued to adapt to the new normal by streamlining operations and pushing efficiency to new levels.

While many general contractors are now holding their breath and working with fingers crossed, we’re comfortable working with a small margin for error.

Our business model is a departure from the industry norm. It’s based on long-term success, small profits compiled over multiple, successful projects. We’re outcome driven. Our goals are directly in line with our clients’ goals.

We believe in our approach, our people and our abilities. Not luck. And we believe in working with developers who are confident in their vision and are aggressively pursuing new opportunities. Together, it’s a market-winning combination.

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Our obsession with engineering and efficiency.

At Pacific West, we build multi-family communities faster, better, and for less. We do it without “grinding” on project partners, and without cutting corners.

We do it by creating innovative, market-driven products that are highly efficient to build.

Lower construction costs translate to more affordable rents.

At the heart of our process is Integrated Design Build Solutions, an independent division of Pacific West.

IDBS begins by working closely with a client to determine a cost objective. The team of experienced architects and engineers then meticulously works through a plan, looking for every opportunity to increase livable space and construction efficiency.

One of the most valuable methods is to incorporate off-site manufacturing, a proven process for reducing costs and enhancing quality.

It’s common for IDBS to enable a GC to manufacture up to a third or more of a building off site.

This singular focus on efficiency allows us to help clients create products that are quicker and less expensive to build and can accommodate up to 20% more livable space.

“We provide clients with more opportunities, more possibilities.”

Architect Lewis Zaumeyer talks about the philosophy of IDBS.

Design-Build transforms the multi-family industry.

Speed and cost.

If you control those two variables you’ll almost certainly control a project’s outcome.

We do.

Using a design-build, or more accurately, a design-to-build, approach, we dramatically increase construction speed while decreasing costs.

Integrated Design-Build Solutions, our in-house design and engineering team, works collaboratively with our clients and our construction team to design unique, efficient-to-build products.

Design-build is becoming a cultural, behavioral, and economic shift in how the multi-family industry does business, but one we’ve successfully used over our 28-year history in building more than 13,000 multi-family units.


We can cut 6 to 9 months off build times. Not only can clients start enjoying returns on their investment faster, it can significantly reduce the cost of their construction loan.

A nine-month construction delay is equal to adding about a percentage point to a loan package. In today’s demanding market, that’s a price developers can’t afford to pay.

For Less

Collaborative products are also less expensive to build.

Our construction team is involved in the design and engineering of all new products (which are exclusive for each client and each market). With their direct involvement, IDBS is able to create products that feature proven, ultra-efficient construction processes, such as simplified assemblies and off-site manufacturing, from foundation to finish.

Ready to team up?

We build profits by building productive, like-minded relationships. We’re currently seeking clients who:

  • See the opportunity in providing markets in Northern California and Nevada with more affordable multi-family communities.
  • Value a business model that leverages the increased efficiency that comes from building repeatable products.
  • Understands that “sure and steady” is more viable than “all or nothing.”

If you’re interested in developing your product using Pacific West’s efficient engineering and construction, or in creating a new product based on our FlexBuilding design, please contact us.

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Benefits of Pacific West’s design-build process:

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Project costs can be determined—and guaranteed—up front, before construction begins.
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Efficiency increases exponentially throughout a project and across multiple projects.
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Each project benefits from using the same experienced self-perform and trade teams.
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Risk is better quantified at the beginning of a project, allowing all parties to move in the same direction with the same goal.
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We design, engineer and build the most efficient, amentiy-rich communities.

Garden Style | Wraps | Podium | Mixed-Use

  • Reno
  • Spanish Springs
  • Henderson
  • Sacramento
  • Roseville
  • West Sacramento
  • Elk Grove
  • Folsom
  • Sparks
  • Natomas
  • Eldorado Hills
  • Rocklin
  • Tracy
  • Clovis
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Pac West’s innovative approach helped us maximize the efficiency of our Big House product, which is now one of our most successful multi-family designs.

Greg Faulkner
Humphreys and Partners Architects

A single source of direction and accountability.

Eliminate delays, disputes, markups, confusion and overcharges.

We deliver unambiguous project coordination, virtually eliminating delays and on-site disputes.

We schedule and manage overlapping design services, implement precise building and development processes, and serve as a single source of responsibility. All at the direction of our client.

We make every effort to eliminate third-party markups.

Sometimes, that means “self performing” certain trades, such as carpentry, stucco and painting without tacking on additional mark-ups. It also means doing business directly with material manufacturers to eliminate the various levels of markups.

Faster. Better. For less.
Since 1991.

We’ve built more than 13,000 units and have never exceeded an estimate or missed a deadline.

Building strategic and mutually beneficial relationships.

No one knows the market better than a great developer.
No one knows the product better than a great general contractor.

The two can form a powerful, cohesive team. Or they can treat each other as rivals. They can insist on playing a zero-sum game where making more means taking money from someone else. Or worse, increasing a project’s rents.

We’re focused on forming long-term, working relationships that benefit both parties.

We help the client create an incentive-based environment where everyone shares an opportunity for success through increased efficiency.

Through these strategic relationships and a commitment to unique products and maximum efficiency, we’ve helped our clients and project partners accelerate their growth, and they have helped accelerate ours.

Most importantly, these strategic, mutual relationships are bringing rents back down to earth.

Our Latest Projects

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Latitude 39

148 Units

Reno, Nevada

Lyfe at Marina

280 Units

Reno, Nevada

Harvest at Damonte Ranch

482 Units

Reno, Nevada

Upcoming Projects

Espirit Apartments

126 Units in Southwest Reno

Veterans Parkway Apartments

260 Units in Southwest Reno

Homecoming Apartments

120 Units in Sacramento

Kiley Ranch Apartments

306 Units in Kiley Ranch, Nevada

We focus on the fastest-growing markets in Northern California and Nevada.

For the last two decades, we’ve targeted the most profitable markets along I-80 in Northern California and Nevada, and along Highway 99 in Central California.

This narrow area of focus allows us to concentrate our efforts on establishing consistency and continuity without weakening our resources.